Monday, October 15, 2012

Killin time

 Here in the office, i spend a lot of time working on this blog, sharing things that i find interesting, or popular stories that may be trending on the internet.
 One of the things that i dont talk enough about, is the hobby of homebrewing beer. I have always loved the taste of an ice cold beer, as far back as i can remember. I dont drink a beer to get a buzz, or to get high, but mainly because nothing tastes better at the end of the day, than to relax with the girlfriend, cuddle up on the couch, and sip on a beer while tending to the fire. I have always wanted to try my hand at brewing, and finally picked up a "Mr Beer" kit, for that purpose. So far i have only had one batch that actually came out decent tasting, out of many attempts in the last year. I have tried different storing methods, in warm and colder places of the house, different keg's, adding sugar, increasing and decreasing the time spent in the fermenter, different bottle sizes etc etc. The next step is to try a water purifier, to see if the chlorine in the water is affecting the ferment. The water out here has always had a high chlorine content, that you can taste. I hope to get some beer brewing this week so we can see what the result is, in about a month.
 Keep your fingers crossed.

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