Tuesday, October 16, 2012

America: Bigger Fatter Rounder

 According to the graphic HERE, it seems that even though we are eating healthier, and exercising more, we are still getting fatter and more obese. Could it be because their are just MORE of of that their was 20 years ago ?

 I think it is all to be blamed on the Beer industry.

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  1. It's because the Federal guidelines on what constitutes "healthy" eating is loaded with carbohydrates. "Whole grains" is just another term for carbs, whether they're "whole" or not. It doesn't matter how slowly they metabolize, they still metabolize to SUGAR in the system, and if they're doing that, they're making you FAT.

    Every grandmother that grew up in the 50's knew that bread and starchy stuff makes you fat, so you go easy on it. Our government is the only one that thinks you should eat six big servings of it and eat no meat, no fat, and practically no dairy, and only eat seed oils.

    You will gain weight, get cancer, and get depressed on this diet. You need protein, need some saturated fat, and need, yes, NEED cholesterol, and don't need carbs. The USDA pyramid or plate or block or whatever it is is making us into blimps.