Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines day

I have been wondering, just what to get my sweets for Valentines day this year, and the thought occurred to me, that the best thing I could do, to truly show her how I feel, is to not get her anything. Sounds crazy, I know, but why only show her once a year, according to some pagan rituals based on roman theories. Why not show her everyday how I feel, and to put aside a few minutes to stop what I am doing, gaze into her eyes, while holding her hand, and tell her how much she means to me, how important she is, and how my life would not be complete without her. That would mean a lot more than anything I could buy or make. Otherwise, I can go to Amazon and order a bunch of crap, with money that I really cant afford to spend, to express how I feel. Seems kind of pointless. If you do decide to buy your sweety something, the most common gifts are flowers, cards and poems. Other Valentines day ideas include a romantic dinner, with candles like a valentines day date. You can shower her with valentines day presents as well.

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