Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Online survey sites: DO's and DONT's

This article describes my experience's with online survey sites, and also some of the DO'S and DONT'S involved with them.
Well, here we go again, with the survey sites. This has been a tremendous effort on my part, trying to find the sites that are actually worthwhile, and which are just after your money. I had thought, that the OnlyCashSurveys site was an honest survey site, although a bit frustrating. The hardest part was finding surveys that you are eligible for. You can go thru 15 or so before you find one that you are able to complete. That in itself can be a little time consuming.
I know, and fully understand the concept that you cant get rich online, and nothing that doesn’t require work, is worth doing when it comes to online surveys. All I ask is that i am modestly compensated for my time. I would like to get to the point where I can average ten dollars an hour, that I could do as a part time, stay at home income. I know and fully realize that I cam not going to get rich with any of the scams that are out there. The hard part, is finding the offers that are legitimate, and the ones that are just after your money.I hope to sift thru them over time, and gather a decent list of which ones are the best, and which ones are just scams. Some that come to mind, right off the top of my head, is the inboxpays dot com website. This one makes you complete money offers, and then you get cash rewards for signing up, in which a lot of times a credit/ debit card is required. I do subscribe to that site though, because sometimes if I am looking for a specific service, I can sign up for it, and be compensated, which further reduces the overall cost of the service/ item that I am looking for. This site also offer's email's, but most of the time it is just for the offers.
One thing I would suggest, if your going to do online surveys, is to setup a new Email account, just for that purpose. You are going to get spammed, and they are going to give your information to other spammers, until yours eyes cross. Expect to get hundreds of emails everyday to this account. Another thing, that is a good idea, is to use a pre-paid CC/ debit card if you can afford to. Do not tie this one into your regular Debit/CC, only use it to sign up for online offers. This will help if you do get taken for your hard earned cash to cancel thing's before they get out of hand. it will also help if you stumble across a site that likes to sell your information.
Another Good idea would be to keep a spreadsheet of the different sites, as well as user name and password’s that are needed to login. You can also keep track of expiration dates for trial offers in this database, to make sure you do not go past the expiration date if you decide to not enroll or buy the item. I hope that this article helps to resolve some of the problems faced with finding legitimate suveys sites. Their are some good ones out there, you just have to sift through all the crud, to find them, while holding on tight to your wallet.


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