Friday, February 3, 2012

OCD for fun and profit

 Here it is, Friday night, and I am still searching for that one plan, that one idea, that will be profitable for me, as a stay at home dad. I have been following some of the work idea's over at Wealth Affiliates, and a lot of the methods they use seem like they could work, once implemented properly, but for 99.00 dollars a month, I just dont have that sort of money right now. One thing that I do like about that group, is that they give a lot of the idea's away, for free, laying out in a nice, neat manner, the different ways you can make money from home, with very little effort, it just takes some time to get the ball rolling.
 I had hoped, that with my obsessive compulsive disorder, that I could just zero in on one idea that works, and beat it to death, until i was walking away from the bank with a wheelbarrow full of money, but that hasn’t been the case just yet, although I have generated a part time income from the Blog so far, as well as the InboxDollars and sendearnings survey sites. Realistically, i know that none of hese idea's are going to make me the next millionaire, but if I could just get to the point where I am generating a full time income, that would be nice. I think that I have stayed grounded in all of this, not falling for the get rich quick themes that are out their.
 Stay tuned as I blog more next week, as I pursue the American dream, and thanks for reading, Theron

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