Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leaving comments

 I was walking a friend through the process of leaving comments on my Blog today, and I thought that a small short tutorial was in order. I would like to see  MORE comments on this board, but understand that baby steps are what is required for me right now. I am learning something new everyday, and hope to improve this BLog as time goes on.
 The first thing I wanted to point out, is that at the bottom of the Blog, their is a little box that say's "Leave Comments". Right under this box, their is a choice to leave comments under different options.  As you can see, their are several options to choose from. You can even leave a link as the name, to promote your own site or Blog. Pretty cool huh ?
 In this case, we are going to leave a name and a URL as the name. 
Next, you just enter your comments that you want to leave:
And that's it. AS you can see, now when someone clicks on the name you used on your post, it takes you right to the URL/ Web site that you used. This has to be one of the coolest Blog sites on the planet. And it's all FREE!


  1. Nice and some great information. I cannot understand why someone would not leave a comment when they get a back link to their own site.

  2. Be sure to check out MY blog when you get a chance theron, it's all about my ham radio hobby.

  3. Well that is step by step...just a little thing I did notice...."their" should be there...not busten ya... that would be the word police...But I have seen it on a couple different posts of yours...peace

    1. that seems to be a real issue for me. Always get them confused. May have to go to (there their they're) boot camp, or just take a college sourse on English-101. Either and or i guess. Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. Have to say I never realised that you could change the name on your comment. Thanks for the info :)

  5. I use blogger and never realised that you could change from the default (I know it has a drop down but had never checked it out - or even thought about it really) thanks for pointing this out :D

  6. I figured that may be the reason why some people didnt leave comments, since they didnt/ dont have a Blogger account, and did not know their (there) was an option to leave comments as "anonymous".