Monday, February 6, 2012

i need MORE networking ????

As our world becomes bigger and bigger, the ideal of "networking" becomes smaller and smaller. At one time, not too far in the distant past, the term "Networking" meant, going out, meeting new people, and traveling, as you sold your product or idea, sometimes being away from home for months at a time, traveling the world. When you think of "Networking" nowadays, it almost has a completely different meaning, although the idea is about the same. Networking in today’s terms, means sitting in front of a computer, adding friends on your "social-network", and leaving comments. No longer is the picture in your head, of the smiling salesman, walking out his front door with luggage and a briefcase, waving goodbye to his family. The picture now is a fat, greasy haired kid, in a dark room, with just the glow of his computer monitor to provide any light at all, as he furiously types away on his computer, making more friends in a frenzy, selling or promoting his wares.
 You may wonder, just why this subject may have come up. Well, I was was told that I need to do MORE networking, as i pursue my goals. They were correct of course, i need to be more social, than I already am. That means leaving comments, adding people to my different social networks, sharing more and writing more. When I saw that someone had posted that i needed to be more social, that is the first image that came to mind. The kid in a darkened room, typing away at a keyboard, only stopping to take a handful of chips out of a ruffled bag at his feet, or to occasionally sip from a 64oz thirsty-cup of Red Mt Dew.
 Funny how our world has changed.

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