Monday, February 13, 2012

How a woman's mind works

 I find Teri absolutely a joy to be around, and she is always amusing me with some sort of silly thing, that makes me laugh out loud. Today, we were talking on the phone, during her lunch break, when I made the statement "Luke, I am your father". Somehow, in her twisted logic, she turned that around, until we were talking about Male Cows, and why one of the characters in a cartoon has udders, when it is a male. How that worked I dont quite understand, but it was interesting how she had stepped from one statement, to a conversation about male cows having udders. Gotta love her.


  1. ‎:D // MY side of the story now ... Theron said LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER....which reminded me of a picture I had seen of a cow saying to a jug of milk....MILK I AM YOUR FATHER....which made me think ARENT ALL COWS FEMALE so shouldnt it have been MILK I AM YOUR MOTHER ....then I remembered that one cartoon about the cow who was a guy and HE had an udder...... LOL.
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    1. HAHAHA, you never cease to amaze me teri. I think they should let women tackle the worlds biggest issues, since obviously us men cant seem to solve them. I love the way your mind works, so dont ever change.

  2. Thank you Theron... WE make a GREAT TEAM...oh yeah!!