Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Working from home

 As I pursue this venture, and learn the different ways to make money from home, one of the pitfalls I have ran into, is sick days. When you work for someone else, you don't always have the luxury of calling in sick, but when working from home, it is just way too easy to stay in your pajama's for the day, and call it an off day. I have been trying to treat this as a full time job, and being serious about it, and find myself taking days off, because I don't feel good, or I'm having a bad day, and other excuses that are interfering with my day to day progress. This week, it is a persistent headache that is plaguing me. Before that, it was because the landlord was coming to inspect and take some pictures, and I had to get the place spit shined for him.
If I am going to be serious about this, and make a consistent income, i am going to have to find someway to not take so many sick days. I suppose that working from home, that is one of the perks, but it is not making me any money, and my sales and my readers have dropped off because of it. So, i am going to have to make a new commitment, to come into work no matter what ails me at the time, and make some money.
 Thanks for reading, Theron


  1. AND dont forget that when I have a day off you take one off too.. I feel bad about that. Especially when I have those 4 day weekends.
    You are doing an awesome job though...keep up the good work Theron. I am behind you all the way.
    Teri // Pooka

  2. Thanks teri, you are actually the motivation for me to keep going. I like being able to buy you things, and help to pay the bill's. I love you pooka.

  3. Sine teri's the boss, you should call her on your sick days, and ask if you can stay home from work....lol