Friday, January 27, 2012

Sticky wicket Oatmeal stout

 I have to say, that i am really dissapointed in this beer, after the test that we ran last week, on a bottle of this homebrew beer. The test bottle that we used, was absolutley wonderful stuff, almost like a Kahlua taste, with a dark creamy taste, that was outstanding. After opening the next few, we are back to that awful tasting stuff, that has a fruity taste, and a grapefruit like aftertaste, that is barely worth drinking. I do not know at this time what exactly went wrong with this batch, unless it had something to do with the fact that we had a cold snap roll through the NW the last few weeks, that may have affected the batch. The homebrew, as it ferments, has to stay at a consistent warm temperature of 65-75d while it is working it's magic. With this cold snap tht we had, i notice that even storing the bottles above the stove, they are cool to the touch. The next attempt, we are going to store the bottle's in the bathroom, under the sink, with a small radiator type heater, to keep the temps up where it belongs, and see how that turns out.
 We picked up another Mr beer kit mix of Sticky wicket Oatmeal stout, to start this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed that this batch turns out like it is supposed too.

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