Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New record player

 OMG< i am sitting here, in the room, surfing the internet, and chasing new SKCC (Straight Key Century Club) numbers on the HF bands, and all i acn hear in the background is Donny Osmond singin. Teri has her new record player cranked up SO high, it is all i can hear back here. I am starting to regret getting it for her now, except that it brings her SO much joy. I guess I can live with it, considering how much she puts up with from me.....lol

1 comment:

  1. LOL...Sorry Babe... I am LOVING my record player!!! I havent listened to my Donny Albums for YEARS.......really!! I bet it has been 20 or MORE years since I have been able to listen to them.
    What is funny is that I remember the songs!! BUT then I did play them 100 times a day every day for years...
    Thank you Theron for the best Christmas present I have had in a LONG time..YOU ARE THE BESTEST boyfriend in the whole world :D
    LOVE YOU!!