Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lookout, he's gotta gun !

In the last few days, a madman has been running rampant through our fair state, on a killing spree that ended in one of our national parks. This madman was a Iraqi war veteran, with PTSD, and in the middle of a custody battle with one of his exes over a 2 YO child. The local news media, as well as the national media, painted this picture over and over again, making him out to be a madman. They included pictures of him, shirtless, holding a couple of assault rifles, while posing for the camera. The reference's for his character, coming from the woman he was involved with in the custody battle.
You have to wonder just what the priority of the news agency handling this story is though, when you consider that yes, it was a horrible thing for the park ranger to be shot, being a mother of two children. The way it is being reported, the madman knew that it was a woman and opened fire on her. Again, a horrible tragedy, but isn't that part of her job description, and something that those in the line of duty live with on a daily basis ? Why is it even more of a tragedy since it was a woman, or a mother of two children ?
And again, with the character reference, coming from the woman who he was in the middle of the custody case with. Anyone in their right mind, if they want to win a custody battle, is going to paint as horrible of a picture as they can, to insure that they win the case. Even CPS is guilty of this. I have lived thru that myself, where things were exaggerated, to insure victory, painting us out to be animals. Sure, we were in the wrong, but we were not at the level that they proclaimed that we were. We complied with every demand, no matter how silly, and were still beat up pretty badly during the case. So how can this woman, give any sort of character reference for this gentleman ?
The other odd thing, is why was this decorated war veteran not helped, either thru the military, or through the veteran's Association ? There are a lot of services out their in this world, some that are mandatory. So why did we not take care of this gentleman, that risked his life to defend our freedom ? If the military took him in, and allowed him to see battle, then he couldn't have been to bad, at least before he went to Iraq ?
The point of this thread, is to make people stop and think, before buying into the news that we see on the different media sites, and television. I have heard rumors that the people behind the story are anti-gun lobbyists, making yet another claim as to the dangers of carrying handguns/ weapons, in this country. Think about it, why else would the picture they used of this guy, be a picture of him holding assault rifles, with his shirt off ?

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