Thursday, October 25, 2012

They cant ALL be crazy, can they ?

They cant all be crazy, can they ? 

As i watch the Occupy wall st movement, and the lack of media attention, i can help but wonder just what the heck is really going on in this country. I see the OWS movement everywhere on-line, but how often do you hear about on your local news station, unless it is something negative. The last story i heard about it, was people complaining that it was an inconvenience to them, because the Seattle PD had streets blocked off, and were tying up traffic. Even on-line, their isn't as much attention as their was just a few months ago.
 Has the 2012 election's pre-empted the OWS movement,  or is something being covered up by our media.
Another young hippy freak ?
 At the height of Occupy Wall st, FOX news was having a heyday, painting all the protesters as spun out drugged up hippie freaks, who were lazy and couldnt find work, so they gathered together to blame their problems on everything under the sun, including our Government system. But again, you have to wonder...they cant ALL be crazy can they ?

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