Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SO who won the Presidential debate ?

 After some exciting moments, in the presidential debate last night, it looks like Obama won this round, according to respondents registered to vote. You can see the charts here.
 I have to say, i find it surprising that no one seemed to pick up on the fact that, when President Obama was asked about the attacks on Benghazi, it took the President 14 days before he confirmed that it was an act of terror, when he knew it was just hours after it happened. When President Obama denied it, then said to "check the facts", the moderator agreed with Governor Romney, that he HAD said that. I haven't seen any mention of this anywhere yet.
 President Obama came out swinging, and was more confident in the debates last night, and did an excellent job overall. One more round to go, and the President and Governor are at a tie.

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