Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Van halen, the Mayan calendar, and chicken nuggets

 Well, i have to say, that last week was a very exciting week. Although I didn’t get to see Van Halen in concert, I did find a few chicken nuggets in my printer, and everyone has finally given up on that stupid theory of the ancient Mayans predicting the end of the world. I also made a good profit, and got to spend some quality time with Teri, which is always a plus.
 On another note, I am printing up the shipping labels today, to get everything that was purchased off to the post office, and i find myself procrastinating for some odd reason. I am not sure just why I am dragging my feet on this project, since it was very exciting to see the items that I was selling go for a lot more than what I had expected, with one auction ending within 20 minutes of being posted on Ebay. That was only the start, and my week just got better from their.

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