Monday, February 6, 2012

Working from home

 Here i am, in my office, working from home, elightened by the fact that i have come to the realization of what I was doing wrong, in my efforts to work from home. I am in the frame of mind that I am succesful, I will BE succesful, therefore I am. I get up every morning, get my daughter on the bus to school, then shave and into the shower, and at the office by 8AM.

 I have the back den set up as my office now, which is really nice. I have a BIG desk, and a computer back their, that I use for blogging and marketing, as well as doing surveys, and promoting my sites. I am now up over 100 hits a day, and gaining popularity.One thing that I do, is get into a routine, everyday, just like a real job. No more sitting around in my pajamas and bunny slippers all day, struggling to stay motivated with this project. It seems to help my frame of mind as well, by doing it this way. It is literally like a full time job, sometimes with overtime involved, but it is what I need to do if I am going to make any moeny at this.

One of the methods of driving traffic to my site that DOESN'T WORK is  ineedhits. It is an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), that drives traffic to your site. For only 7.95 for the first month, it can give your site the hits it needs to be profitable. After that it is only 14.95 a month, which still is not a bad deal at all, if it makes me money as well. We will see how it works, and decide from their.

 Gah, it's only Monday, and already the boss is raggin on me to get back to work, so I better go for now. Have a great day, Theron


  1. Hey, you should try on bunny ears instead of slippers. THEN you'll really be an SEO beast. ;)

  2. HAHAHA, I tried that, but they mess with my Radio reception

  3. They actually help mine

  4. Hey There, Theron I know what you mean by getting into a routine. So many peole just think working at home is going to be a oh how wrong there are about that. Overtime without the time and a half in the paycheque to boot. I wrote an article on working from home over on SA or Street Articles .. Check it out let me know what you think. was not sure if you would like my placing the link here. So I just mentioned it. Cheers look forward to reading more of your Work.

    1. Thanks Dave, go ahead and post the link to your SA page and I will add you. I see also that you are a WA. You can find me on WA at Theronatwork.
      Look forward to chatting and learning Dave.