Wednesday, February 1, 2012

making money online

 it has been almost a year now, and I havent really found one plan that actually works well, that is going to make you a decent income online. Out of all the different methods that I have seen, most require you sending a payment of some sort, to buy their plan for making money. This doesnt seem to make sense, since you would actually be spending mon ey at that point. I have come to the conclusion so far, that the only real way to make money online, is to sell money making idea's and schemes online. There are a multitude of those going around. So here is my offer...
For only 19.95 US dollars, I will sell you MY methods to make money online, by showing you, the average person, how to make money online by selling methods of making money online.
Hurry, before the offer expires. Theron

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