Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Power consumption

 I dont know the heck it is possible, but we somehow managed to use MORE power, since we started cutting back, than when we weren't as concerned about it. The month of January, we consumed 4793 KW hours, as compared to last january, when we used 3162 KW hours, and that wasnt even the coldest month. The last few months we have been paying off our past due amount on the power bill, and turning everything off at night, and still managed to use more power. I am beginning to think that their may be something wrong with thtis mobile home, or some other weird anamoly. Looking at the bill, the service dates were Dec 24, 2011 to Jan 25th, 2012. We did have that cold snap a few weeks back, that forced us to run the heater, but I dont think it was ran THAT much. I may have to call the PUD and talk to them about our power usage. See if most of the power was consumed during that 2 week time period or not.
If this continues, then my only alternative would be to just throw the breaker switch everynight at 11PM, and force everyone to go to bed. I find this bill almost unbeleivable.

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