Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow daze

 Wow, what a week this was. Very exciting things happening up here in Washington state this last week. We were hit with about 12 inches of snow, freezing temperatures, and ice everywhere. Was finally able to get the pickup truck out yesterday, after plowing the driveway with the 4X4. We were lucky, and didnt lose power, although about 250K people in the puget sound area did. We did get a lot of power flickers, where the lights would blink a little bit, and that wreaks havoc on my Linux computer, so I have not had it on all week.
 As miserable as the snow is, I actually love this stuff. I enjoy when the power drops out, and we have to survive using wood heat, and cooking on the coleman stove, or the hobo stove thhat I made last year. It brings all of us together, and interacting like a family. Nothing makes me feel closerr than to my loved ones, as when all the luxuries of society are cut off, and we just have each other. As long as I can keep my family warm, and food in their bellies, what else do we need, in the bigger grand scheme of things.

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