Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Online surveys and the great void

 The void, of course, is to AVOID most sites, since they are worthless. After scouring the internet thru thousands of sites, I have only come across several that were even with the time you put into it. The best so far has been the InboxDollars site. This site allows you do do multiple tasks, to generate a little bit of money. My favorite has to be the paid emails. I can click thru them pretty fast now, and make a couple of dollars a day doing it. The only drawback, is they only send 5-10 a day. The other item that can be fun, is clicking thru the different tasks that are available. You get paid to do internet searches, and find information, that you then submit to the form. It can be a little more time consuming, but if you enjoy that, then money can be made. The surveys are ok as well, and their are multiple surveys that you can click thru to generate some cash. If you do a lot of internet searches thru Google, or other methods, you can use the inboxdollars to do your searchs, and make some cash that way as well.
 overall, this site will not make you rich, but you can make money using this site. Be sure to use my referral link if you do decide to join. Thanks, Theron

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