Monday, January 23, 2012

Oatmeal stout homebrew

 I have to say, that after having high hopes for this batch of homebrew beer, it has been just a little bit dissapointing so far. As a lot of you may know, we have been experimenting with homebrewing our own beer, not only to save money, but to try and create a beer that is enjoyable to drink. Our latest attempt was with Mr Beers Sticky wicket oatmeal stout.  This beer is very dark with a tan head that dissipates quickly with some lacing. The smell is of roasted grains. Mouthful is smooth for such a dark beer, an added benefit of the oats used to make the LME. Taste is of typical flavors associated with stout including coffee, bitter chocolate and toffee.
  We stuck a bottle in the fridge saturday, and after chilling for most of the day, it was ready to crack open. Me and teri tested it, and it was one of the most wonderful beer's we had made so far. It had a dark, creamy taste, with just a hint of chocolate, and was real nice to sip on, while cuddled up watching TV. The next day, we stuck 2 more in the fridge to enjoy that evening, and they were nothing, absolutely nothing like the first bottle. The second and third had that weird, fruity taste, and were not enjoyable at all.
 not sure what the difference is, since we followed the recipe to the letter this time, and even with having the brewing keg in a warmer spot, and after bottling, and being stored in a warmer spot, we are still getting the same results. After the first one we had sipped on, we had high hopes, but the last 2 were just sad. not sure how 3 bottles from the same batch, made and stored in the same way can all have different results, but that is what we ended up with.
 I am hoping that if we let the last of the batch (9 bottles) brew for the rest of the week, that maybe, just maybe we will end up with the same as the first bottle we opened. That was So good.
 Keep your fingers crossed.
 More information on homebrewing can be found here.

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