Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pacific ocean Garbage patch.

in this age of modern technology, it amazes me that we have allowed things to go this far. We use and consume Ton's of garbage on a daily basis, that has to go somewhere. Well, now they have found it. Apparently, their is an area in the Northern part of the pacific ocean, that has been deemed the "Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch". It is an area consisting of the N. Pacific, that has garbage, most of which are plastics, swirling in a circle, as it moves around the ocean. They are is about twice the size of Texas, and growing on a regular basis. It is not visible from satellite photography yet, but hopefully modern science will be able to fix that soon. The "Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch", swirls around in a gyre where the four major ocean currents meat, mainly the California current from the East, the Equatorial current, from the South, the Northern Pacific current, from the North, and the Kurishio current from the West. This part of the ocean also has the largest ecosystem on the planet. The POGP (Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch) is mainly comprised of plastics, which break down into smaller suspended particulates in the upper water system. Funny how you really don’t hear a lot about this patch, even with the big scare of the Japan earthquakes a while back. you have to wonder just how much of the debris made it from that tiny Island, so many miles away, THROUGH this patch of garbage, twice the size of Texas, onto our shores here on the West coast. is it time to break out the tinfoil hats yet ?

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