Tuesday, December 27, 2011

occupy wall street, and sheep

 We, the Sheeple, of the United States of America......

As the people of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) fight for corporate greed in this country, the media, and other financial institution's are working hard to keep the people of this country (OWS) down, under the radar. Today it has been 100 days since the OWS movement started. What I find troubling, is that in all honesty, it doesn't seem that anyone really gives a damn. Most Americans see the people of OWS, as young radical pot smoking Yuppie-hip's (yeah, i made that term up), who are too lazy to go out and find a job. Most of this portrait of the young OWS crowd of course, comes from our media.
 To add to the problem, I see a lot of complaining, of the inconvenience this is causing Americans. How dare they stand up for my rights, cant they see I have shopping to do ? I find it really sad, that we as a country have become mindless drones to the eye candy that the media is selling us, and have become so passive, that we actually complain about it, buying into what the media is selling. Yes people, even though the media has not been covering the OWS movement, it is still happening, and growing, all across America. Time to step up to the plate, and take an active stand to the lawmakers of this country, and remind them that we are fed up, and we have had enough.
 I don't consider myself an intelligent man, paranoid, or some sort of radical, and i am the first to admit that I can be as lazy as the best of them, but with everything that has been happening in this country, you really have to wonder if their may just be something behind all of this. The media, when downplaying a story, will paint a picture, in any fashion they deem necessary, to make an issue out to be something it is not.
  I have heard and seen rumours in the past, that the chemicals that they put in our water supply, are the cause that we are so complacent with everything that is happening. I used to think that was just the ramblings of paranoia, but after all that has happened, you have to wonder.....

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