Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glowing heads and dumb kids

Was reading a report, just the other day, about the amount of Radiation that has hit our shores, just 6 days after the earthquake in Japan. It is amazing that we never heard anything about all of this, and we were guaranteed that we would be completely safe. According to the article, 14,000 deaths could be attributed to the harmful effects of the radiation. That total did include a rise in birth defects also. With the amount of debris that is coming to our shores here on the west coast, and the radiation, it is only a matter of time before we morph, to become a West coast super power, taking over the country once and for all. I find it harder, day after day, to blindly believe in our system, with all the secrecy the government practices, and the lies. Whatever happened to the politicians working for us ? You see cutbacks everywhere, and yet never hear of congress laying off, or cutting back wages. They are constantly cutting deeper and deeper into our school systems, cutting back funds and programs, and laying off teachers. The scary part, is that the young minds in those halls, are our future. What happens next ?

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