Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve and Homebrew beer

 Well, here it is Christmas eve, and tonite we get to open up and consume our homebrew beer. We have been waiting over a month now for this stuff to ferment, and after making some changes to the fermenting process, believe that this time we got it right.
 The main problem we had, was that the beer just wasnt getting warm enough to ferment properly. THis last batch we moved the bottles up into the cabinet above the stove, and that seems to have made a tremendous difference in the end result. We tested a bottle last night, and it seems like we are right on the money this time.
 The batch we made this time is a Canadian wheat beer. We did it in two stages, the first stage in a little fermenter, for two weeks, then in a 5 galloin glass jar for two weeks, then into the bottle. I also add a cup of sugar to the batch when i move it to the glass jar. I didnt put any sugar in when it was bottled, as before the beer was coming out a bit sweet, even after all the fermenting is done.
 Here it is, Christmas eve, and tonite after the kids go to bed, me and my sweety Teri will be able to kick back, dim the lights, light some candles, put on some soft music and enjoy the fruit of our labors.
 This is going to be such a great christmas. Thanks for reading, Theron

More information on the Mr Beer kit can be found HERE !

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