Friday, December 23, 2011

10 things we didn't know last week

 According to an article on BBC -Magazine, their are at least 10 things that we didnt know last week. So see, we are getting smarter.

1. Pet crocodiles in the UK have to be micro chipped. 
  According to the story here, pet Crocodiles have to Microchipped, in order to stop the sale of Crocodiles on the Black Market. People will purchase a pet crocodile, or other exotic animal's, not full realizing just what they are taking on. Most of the time the animal is abandonded by the time the animal reaches adulthood.

2. Kim Jong-il was known by 50 names
  The recently deceased Ruler of N Korea, who died from massive heart failure last weekend, liked to go by lots of names, including Dear Leader, Supreme Leader, Our Father, The General, Generalissimo. Wonder if those include "cupcake" and "princess"

3. There is a 100-year-old Christmas cake.
  An Old spice cake, that was made in 1911, as a joke for a friend.

4. The average webpage has grown 33% in size in the last year.
  Wonder how much of that is Facebook.

5. This year's top10 most watched YouTube clips have racked up more than 285 million hits worldwide.
  Thats a LOT of goat-porn, Tony. No wonder our internet connection has been so slow.

6. The world record for Christmas lights covering a property is 331,038  lights.
  The couple, from Forest Act, Australia, have 331,038 lights covering their property. In all fairness though, they DO raise money for charity, so it's not like it's weird, or anything.

7. Sleeping on left side of the bed makes you more cheerful and positive.
  Actually, this explains a lot, Teri !!!!

8. Britain's cheapest house this year sold for £16,000.
  The economy sure has weird affect's on people's

9. In Scotland you can eat deep fried butter.
   After the success of the deep fried Mars Bar, chefs in Scotland have devised  the ultimate high-calorie snack with deep fried butter balls. 

10. The first celebrity to enter the US chart of the most popular search terms this year across all search engines is Justin Bieber at 92.

 Well, their you have it, the Top Ten things that you didnt know last year, all craftly plagerized with almost NO effort, and just  few minutes of my time. Thanks for reading, Theron

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