Wednesday, May 23, 2012

work at home and chicken nuggets

 Well, here i go again, looking for different ways I can generate a small income by working at home. As I look at all the different methods that are available, it can be extremely overwhelming at times, and even the best of us can be fooled out of our money at times.
 I was going building my online business, blogging, driving traffic to my site, and getting commissions from the different ad's on my Blog, and looking at ways to generate more traffic, when i stumbled upon, a site that promised to get more hits on your web page, by moving you up the Google search result's. What I didnt know, was the seedy business practices these people had. When I ordered the service, it was a promotional thing, for only 7.95+ tax. Since it was located in Australia, i had to allow overseas transactions thru my bank. Since I hadn't done this yet, the order page would halt, so i refreshed and entered my information again. After three tries, i gave up for the time being, and contacted my bank to see if all was okay. I was informed that i had to allow the transactions first, before they would allow it. Okay i thought, no problem. After approving the transaction, i went back to, and ordered the service. It was absolutely great. I was getting over 1K hits a day on my Blog, and the orders were starting to pour in. Only after I looked at my bank account a few day later, did i notice that I had been charged 4 times from, over-drafting my bank account, and getting a $32 dollar charge each time. After the first order, the charge for the service was 29.99 as well, putting me over 200 dollars in the hole. After contacting ineedhits. com, and explaining that the charges were an accident, their response was basically "tough luck"! I then tried to cancel the charges with my bank, who basically said the same thing. I finally ended up closing my bank account, since they were also adding a 5 dollar charge everyday my bank was in the red. I am still paying off the charges, and ineedhits. com is happy and content. They got my money, and basically refused to acknowledge the mistake. Okay, lesson learned.
 You are probably wondering what all this has to do with chicken nuggets, so I will tell you. After the ineedhits fiasco, i lost my motivation, and have been neglecting my online pursuits, and even stopped writing to this blog for a while, as well as keeping up with my promotional ad's. This last week, i decided I needed to get back on the ball, and start building this up again. In doing so, i also started my eBay business, and started listing items. I was pleasantly surprised when I listed an item, and within 20 minutes it was sold at the price i had wanted. That was a great motivation for me. As I was getting ready to print up the shipping label, so i could send off the package, I discovered that my printer, which hadn’t been used for some time, was full of chicken nuggets. I just had to laugh.

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