Thursday, February 2, 2012

money making methods

 Hello again, and thank you for reading this. In my last blog, i had mentioned inboxdollars and sendearnings, as online survey sites. One thing that i had forgotten to mention though, is the ways thast those sites can be exploited, to generate money.
 One method i like to use is the referall links. Those can be used to get other members to sign up, and give you credit for the referall. This is a way to generate a few extra dollars, as for every dollar that they make, you get ten cents. Now, that ay not seem like a lot, but over time, if you stay with it, and keep persistant, that one person turns into 10, then 20, and more. So, if you have 20 people that all earn just 30 dollars a month, that works out to an extra 60 dollars, for doing almost nothing but spamming your link. Now, what happens over a year or two, when you have 100 people or more, all earning 30 dollars a month, and you getting 10 percent for every dollar made, again for doing nothing but spamming your link everyday, wherever you can. This includes forums, blogs, comments, email, email tags and social networking sites.
 Another site, which i am not to sure about just yet, is the onlycashsurveys web site, which offers surveys as well. The frustrating part about that site, is that you only qualify for certain surveys, out of 20-30 a day. It can be very frustrating to spend 2 hours, plowing through the list, only to find that you didnt meet the requirements for any of them. It is funny how whenever you see a listing for a free iPod, you have a 100 percent chance of qualifying for that. Another peeve is that when I did cash out, it took up to a month for my money to be transferred to my paypal account. Seriously guys, a MONTH for an electronic money transfer. That was after waiting a month for all the work i did to be approved. I was able to pound out about 40 bucks in an hour and a half though, which i find amazing.

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