Wednesday, February 8, 2012

American idol, and Simon Cowell

  Is it just me, or has American Idol lost some of it's appeal since Simon left the show ? My favorite part of the show, in days past, was the tryouts, where people would audition, only to be shot down by Simon and his cohorts. Since Simon left, the show seems to be going soft, and now it is not the least bit appealing, at least to me. I loved watching all the goof's that would audition, and the show would be mostly of people that got the boot. This year, i notice they are showing as many of the crackheads that audition, and seem to be concentrating more on the decent singers. What the hell fun is that ? I actually looked forward to Simon's comments, and that is what made the show entertaining. It was kind of like watching a car race, just to see the crashes. maybe thats wrong, but that was the appeal for me.
  Anyway, i wont be watching the show this year, so dont expect much in the way of articles aimed at  idol, at least not from me. They cant even decide on a regular schedule when Americon idol is on this season, and it has been all over the place. American idol american idol, where for art though american idol. it almost seems to be more about idol american, than anything else, this season.


  1. I only watched it last year and decided I liked it...BUT this year...I just cant get into it at all... AND DONT FORGET...It keeps pre empting BONES which is a damn good show!

  2. I agree with things about Simon. It seems that worst auditions are even one of the most viewed video in Youtube that time. I haven't had time watching the American Idol but maybe I'll do soon and say what I can say about it.

  3. Great article nicely written. I've never really seen American Idol, so I can't really comment.