Monday, January 9, 2012

just what the heck DO you do

 Good morning, hope the day is going well for you so far.

 I have had a few people ask, just what the hell do you do all day Theron, when your in the office. My answer, is really quite simple. I advertise on my Blog, I sell things on E bay, and I do surveys. Now, you may be asking, how does that work Theron ? My answer. It is a lot of hard work. i am constantly on the lookout for other methods to make money online, but so far, the big ticket has been selling on E bay. For just a little bit of work, I have generated a part time income, just from that. The other idea's, including the Blog for advertising, takes awhile to get going, as I build up a group of readers. I get paid every time I get a hit on my Blog, thru the advertisements. Now, it isn’t a lot, but once it gets going, it should add up quickly. Be sure to share this blog with your friends, if you enjoy it.
 The online surveys sites are another method of generating revenue, but again, it takes a while to get it going. Through the inboxdollars web site, I can do surveys, tasks, video's and read the emails, but it seems that the real money is in setting up a down line of people working, through referrals. You see, by using my referral, through the links I post, i make 10 % for every dollar that someone makes. It may not add up to a lot, but what if you had 100-200 people that were all referrals, making just 30-50 a month ? That is a t least an extra 300 dollars a month. Now, what if after 6 months to a year, I have over 1000 people all making that sort of money ? Again, that works out to a lot of money just through the referrals. It just takes time to build it all up. I hope that by next January, i ma bringing in 3-4K a month, using the different methods available, as well as any others that I may find along the way.
 Well, that is what I do during the day, generate money. Thanks for reading.

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